Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cashew Clusters

Here is the recipe that Mom mentioned is delicious in our gray-hair e-mails.  She used mixed nuts (without peanuts).  I plan to be a purist and use only cashews.  Either way, it is a Christmas treat you won't want to go without!

1 lb. white candy coating, coarsely chopped
1 cup (6 oz.) semisweet chocolate chips
1 pkg. (4 oz.) German sweet chocolate, coarsely chopped
1/3 cup milk chocolate chips
1 can (9 3/4 oz.) salted whole cashews
1 can (9 1/4 oz.) salted cashew halves and pieces

In a large microwave-safe bowl, combine the first four ingredients.  Cover and microwave at 50% power until melted, stirring every 30 seconds.  Stir in nuts.  Drop by tablespoonfuls onto waxed paper-lined pans.  Let stand until set.  Store in an airtight container.  makes 6 dozen.  From Country Woman Christmas 2009.


  1. I made these yesterday. The chocolate was so yummy! Have a few kinds of chocolate melted together made for a great flavor. I used mixed nuts and it was delicious and simple to do for my Christmas gift giving.

  2. I made these last week and my kids really liked the taste of the chocolate. I used rice crispies to use up the last of the chocolate in the bowl and those little candies were the first to go. So maybe next time I'll just use the rice crispies and spread it into a pan and cut it into little squares.